Club Rides - Essential Reading For New Members

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  • A big welcome to you from the club.

    Firstly, you don't need to join CCL before joining a ride. We’re a nice bunch (honest), but if you want to see if it’s for you, just turn up, say hello and give it a go.

    If you are joining as a non-member, please read and complete the disclaimer published here:­/294704/

    ~ Regular Rides - Saturdays

    From: Bike Boutique, 57 Station Rd, Winchmore Hill, London N21 3NB
    Meet: from 08:30 to leave by 09:00 sharp
    Distance: 65km to 75km (40 to 45 miles)
    Pace: Around 23-25km/h (14 to 15.5mph)
    Stops: No stops. We ride, then have a coffee at the BB
    End: Back around 12:00 to 12:45, but depending upon the ride on the day and any mechanical / puncture stops. Winter rides can take longer.

    This is ideal for those new to cycling or group riding, or just want to give it a go. We do not leave people behind - the group rides to the pace that keeps us all together. If more than one group, then there may be a faster group. There’s always a “normal pace” group.

    ~ Regular Rides - Sundays

    From: Outside Budgens, 71 High Rd, East Finchley, London N2 8AQ
    Meet: From 08:00 (Amici’s Café, opposite), to leave by 08:30 sharp
    Distance: 95km to 110km (60 miles to 70 miles)
    Pace: Around 26-29km/h (16.5 to 18.5mph)
    Stops: Normally one brief stop at a café
    End: Back around 13:00 to 14:00, but depending upon the ride on the day, how busy the cafe is and any mechanical / puncture stops. Winter rides can take longer.

    Although normally a bit quicker than Saturday, it’s still a group ride and we won’t leave you behind. If more than one group, then there may be a faster group. There’s always a “normal pace” group.

    Sunday 100 milers: We also run 100 mile rides. Depending upon support, these run on the first Sunday of each month. Start venue as per normal Sunday ride. Start time normally 0800, and obviously the finish time is later. Includes a cafe stop.

    ~ Regular Rides – Weekdays

    Weekday rides start at Regents Park. Meet at 07:00 at the gates of London Zoo (Outer Circle, north side of the park). Ride to around 08:00 and then coffee at Benugo’s (Inner Circle).

    Tuesday’s & Thursday’s: Fast paced chain gang laps.
    Wednesday’s & Friday's: Social pace “chat laps”. An ideal ride to start with if you are new. Deliberately friendly and good to develop group riding skills.

    ~ Races & Race Training

    If racing is your game, see the race section of the forum. There’s plenty of events to choose from and events that CCL organise (where your help would be greatly appreciated). There’s specialist race training as well.

    ~ What To Bring

    Treat the weekend ride like you would if you were going out on your own, bearing in mind we will be riding in the countryside.

    You need to bring: spare tubes (2), pump, levers, mobile phone (with ICE) and cash for café stops. Don't forget food and drink to keep you going (too much is better than too little) and don’t forget to have some breakfast !

    See the club website for more information about group riding

    ~ Ride Leaders

    Ride leaders are responsible for the ride. They are ladies and gentlemen who volunteer, to help everyone to have a fun and safe time by planning a route and keeping the group together. Make sure you introduce yourself to him or her on the day and speak to them if you have any questions at all. The leader will bring the group back to an agreed place (normally the start point). If you want to peel off early because you want to go faster, you want a longer / shorter ride or a more direct route home, that’s perfectly fine. Just let the ride leader know before you split (important).

    ~ Winter Rides

    On average there are lot more punctures on winter rides, so be prepared. This means the rides can take a bit longer and you need to be warm enough to handle a 10 min roadside stop in the cold (e.g. an extra layer or rain jacket). You should also check your tyres for damage regularly in the winter. This means deflating them and then carefully picking out bits of glass, thorns etc with a toothpick or mini screwdriver. Lots of debris you pick up can give you a puncture weeks later, so best to check regularly and get rid. Try to do this before each long ride. There's no 100% protection from the puncture fairy, but this helps a lot. And if necessary - buy new (winter) tyres !

    I hope this covers everything, but feel free to post questions.

    We hope to see you soon !

  • Hi
    Interested in joining the club and would hopefully like to join the Saturday (and possibly Sunday) run this weekend. Can I confirm it is running as outlined details in post above?
    Also once I fill in disclaimer form what do i do with it? Bring it on ride or email to someone?

  • Saturday for sure will run as above. Sunday TBC (but very likely).

    Please bring your disclaimer with you and give to the ride leader.




  • Thanks Simon....should I watch the Facebook page for Sunday updates?

  • Yes, although the above is the standard arrangement. Very occasionally there's no ride leader but there are always riders who turn up.

  • Hello!
    I've joined the Facebook group and have now found you here. I'm hoping to join you for a ride this Wednesday (have filled out the disclaimer already!) so I'll see you at the zoo, if all goes to plan.


  • Nice one @Ben

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Club Rides - Essential Reading For New Members

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